Little Dutch kids…

I was going through our families photo albums and came across this picture of my brothers and I standing in front of a Windmill in Holland, Michigan. I don’t remember much about that picture except for the little Dutch hats my mom and dad got us. They were so cute. While we were there we visited our great gramma. I am so lucky to have a mom that took pictures so we could look back on the days when we were growing up.

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  1. Yes, you are so very lucky. I always enjoy looking back with you and other people’s pics. I wish I had more of my own. There are some, but not many. I don’t even have all of my school pics. All of my class photos from Florida are MIA, if I ever had them to begin with. I have all of them from my Arizona years. I only went to school in Florida for three years, and no pics to show for it. Oh come on! Sorry, I went from relating with you, to making this about me. 😐 Thank you for sharing your pics with all of us. You look so happy there with your little hat on. Too cute. 🙂

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