Happy Birthday Dad!

Today my dad would have 64…

In my late teen, early adult years my dad and I had a thing…it was just something that went on between the two of us.  I don’t remember who started it, but we had so much fun doing it.  Every year on our birthdays and on Christmas, we would give each other a goofy, silly, funny,  gift.  I remember buying him a viking hat with horns, a beanie with a propeller, a pair of glow in the dark boxer shorts for Halloween, a pair of howling wolf slippers, a pair of rainbow suspenders, a Jack-0-lantern shirt…you get the drift?  I can’t remember a lot of the gifts he gave me, but here are a few…an electric dish cloth, a parrot alarm clock that squawked and flapped it’s wings and said “Rawt, Wake up, Wake up, Rawt, Wake up!”…that thing annoyed everyone that came in contact with it, but I loved it.  Wish I could remember some of the other gifts he gave me,  maybe later.   Anyway, thought I’d share some pictures of some of his funny gifts.

Thought I had more downloaded, but I don’t.


Happy Birthday Dad!  We love and miss you very much!


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. Miss you so much Uncle Ed! You brought so much joy to our lives. Thanks Mel for helping us remember the happy times.

  2. Beautiful memorial (for your dad)!!!! 😎

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