In the mountains…

Thursday, my friend Stephanie and I went to the Sandia Crest.  We hadn’t had a chance to go to the mountains all summer because of the fire hazards.   Just a few weeks ago we could see the colors changing on the top of the mountains.  Shades of red, orange, and yellow were a beautiful sight from where we stood on the ground, so we were excited to go up and see the beautiful color close up.  Unfortunately, it snowed a couple weeks ago and that pretty much killed the colors and turned everything brown or made the trees shed their leaves early.

There were still a few trees toward the bottom of the mountain that were full of color…

What’s left of the snow… just a few patches here and there.

The back side of the Sandia mountains…what a view!

While we were up there we had lunch…Nachos Grande  and it made both of us sick.

It was very windy up there….. I have very fine hair and when the wind blows…well take a look!

In case you couldn’t tell I had fun taking these picture, with the minor exception of a tummy ache from those dang nachos!


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2 responses to “In the mountains…

  1. I would imagine combing your hair out after all of that wasn’t much fun. Great pics and beautiful views. I enjoy the occasional trip up to the mountains at home, but it’s a rare trip. The last trip I made to the mountains was with my best friend back in July when he was in town visiting his mom who was having surgery. Bunny was insightful enough to bring the camera and take pics. That was the last time I got to see my best friend, but at least I have pics to document the moment. That was the first trip up to the mountains for me in years. I had no idea what a special trip that really was.

    • Yeah, it was a big tangled up mess, but it was fun taking the pictures. I enjoy going to the mountain with my friend, we let go of a lot of stress and just totally enjoy ourselves. Glad you had made one last good memory with your friend Peter, I am sure you’ll treasure it forever!

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