October 31, 1997.  A trick-or-treater walked up to my dad’s front door with this tiny kitten in her hands.  My dad asked about the kitten.  The little ghoul that was holding the kitten said that they were trying to find a home for the kitten.  My dad fell in love with him, though he was not the friendliest little kitty, and he took him in.  My dad had been wanting a kitten and wanted to name it Spook.  Well that name fit very well, because every time anyone made any noise the kitten would run and hide.  He was a very spooky little kitten.

I have Spook now.  He came to live with us a year ago, when my mom moved.  He is 14 years old,   the old man of all my cats.  He went from being and outdoor cat to an indoor cat.  He never used to like to be held, but now he loves to lay in my lap and soak up all the attention he can get from me.  He is a sweet old man!  I love to talk to him because he answers me back.  I feel very close to him because he was someone  my dad loved very much.

I had to take this picture on the discreet mode on my camera because Spook is afraid of the noises my camera makes.

Here are a few other pictures of him.

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