New Cards…

I was asked to test out a some patterns for another friend that makes Iris Folding patterns.  She saw my artwork I did for one of her friends and asked me if I would like to test patterns for her to.  So I have tested two for her so far and the ducks, scotties, and electric guitar  are other cards I’ve been working on. I have made four scottie dogs, six ducks in blue and pink and lost track of how many electric guitars I have made.  I also have a stack of acoustic guitars that are waiting to be done this week.    I also made a Zebra for Karalyn, who loves Zebras.  The Zebra is framed and sits on the desk in her room.  It wasn’t an easy one to make because the paper cutting is so different than what I am used to.

Karalyn's Zebra

Russian Dolls that I tested for my friend, the faces didn't show up very well on my scanner.

The car I tested out for my friend...she said her pattern wasn't selling with the card that she put together so I hope the one I made for her will help.

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