All I want for Christmas…

I was shocked to hear Christmas music on November 1st this year and turned the station as quickly as I could.   I totally avoided Black Friday and was even annoyed that my husband had to miss out on Thanksgiving because Walmart wanted to start the holiday shopping early. I haven’t done any shopping.  I haven’t got a tree up, yet.  I have been making ornaments for the tree though and I have been working on making Christmas cards and gifts.   Just can’t quite get into it this year.

When I was little, Christmas was magical.  My family went to church on Christmas Eve and my brothers and I were always in the Christmas program.  Mom was always either in the choir or playing the organ.  I remember sitting in my little chair staring at the ornaments on the gigantic Christmas tree.   After the service we would drive home and on the way we would drive by the Nativity scene at Hoffmantown Baptist Church…I always wondered how the angels could stand up on that ledge on the church and not be nervous about falling off…and how did they keep the sheep, goats and camels from wondering into the street packed with cars driving by to see the manger scene…but it was always something my family loved to do.   After the Nativity scene we would go home and get whatever we needed to go to my grandma’s house and then go to grandma’s house.  Along the way we would drive through neighborhoods to see the Christmas lights.  When we finally got to grandma’s house, we eagerly went inside to find the house full of  family and friends and grandma’s dining room table packed with all kinds of delicious food.  My cousin, Heather, and I would constantly look out the den window to see if  Santa was coming or to see if  his sleigh was flying over…we were very excited!   Grandma’s tree was always beautiful, tall,  and had presents almost out the front door.   When it came time to pass the gifts out there were always a couple of  kids nominated to pass out the gifts.   We would wait until  everyone had their gifts in front of them, before we opened them.  Then we opened them and we, the kids, were always left in a sea of wrapping paper….what a mess!

Since my grandma passed away,  everyone has kind of gone in their own directions.  I makes me sad to only have memories of the Christmas Eve’s we used to have.  I miss everybody, especially those who are no longer with us.  Christmas is just not the same as it used to be.  I know a lot of my cousins and my brothers feel the same way.  All I want for Christmas this year is my family to be together again, I was thinking to myself the other day.  Nothing else matters to me,  I just want to see everyone together having a good time like we used to.

Well…Thursday night I got a phone call from my Uncle Gene.   I thought he was just calling to see how Andrew was enjoying the guitar he got him last weekend…and then he told me that he was calling to invite us to a Christmas party at his house (My grandma’s old house)…I got chills down my spine at the thought of  getting to see my cousins for Christmas filled my head.  We are getting together on December 23 for our traditional Christmas at Grandma’s house.  I am so excited and I can hardly wait to see my cousins again…at Grandma’s house!  Thank you Uncle Gene for doing this for the family, it means the world to us!  …And thank you to the cousins who talked to him about getting it together!  I am rally looking forward to seeing everyone!  The kids are excited too!

The ornaments, some of them,  I have been working on…

28 little Angels...I am using some for gifts


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2 responses to “All I want for Christmas…

  1. Marcella

    Melanie I loved your recent write-up…I miss my childhood Christmas’s also. We had similar traditions with our Mom and Dad like you guys did. It’s never the same when your family is no longer with you….With my Mom and Dad and 3 of my siblings gone I sometimes feel like a orphan. Bill just does NOT Love Christmas like I do. I make the best of it though and enjoy the Season….HOPE you guys have a really FUN time at your Uncles House next week, I know I would…..

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