A message from Dad for my kids…

Karalyn, Matthew, and I went to my mom’s house to visit a friend who came to spend time with my mom and George.  Liz was one of my dad’s best friends.  They met each other while they were in grade school and graduated in the same class in High School.   She cried when she saw Karalyn  and Matthew tonight and again when she talked to Andrew on the phone.

Before my dad passed away, he told Liz he wanted her to give my kids a message when they were old enough to understand it…my dad passed away when my kids were 3, 4, and 7 years old.    He made her promise to tell no one about the message until she told the kids.   So she sat down on the couch and pulled them close to her and talked to them.  ” Your grandpa wants you to go to college.”  she told them and I am not sure what else she told them, but she had tears in her eyes as she gave them the message.   She also told me that if   I want to see my dad,  just look into Matthew’s eyes…he is a lot like my dad!


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2 responses to “A message from Dad for my kids…

  1. Tina

    I am so glad she came and saw the kids. I see so much of your dad In all of them.

  2. What a great Christmas message. Your Dad has a nice smile. The pic with the kids would be a great Christmas card, too.

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