A tale of two fish…or how we ended up with two anyway

A few weeks ago I noticed that Karalyn had move her pet fish, Bob, to a new bowl.  A regular bowl, which made the fish easy for Lala to get her paws on.   I warned Karalyn that she needed to put Bob back in his fish bowl or he would be a snack for Lala.

Monday night, Karalyn came to me.  “My fish isn’t in his bowl, Mom!”

She looked all over her room and eventually found the fish, dried up on her floor  with teeth marks  in it.  Lala probably just played with Bob a little.

Yesterday, we went and got a new fish.  We got it from Wal-mart.  The little dish the fish was in was pretty nasty dirty, so we decided we would dump the yucky water out and add some fresh.  Karalyn had some bottled water she got while we were in the store, so we put some of that water in the dish.  A few minutes later the fish was floating on its side….did I kill him?  I was really worried I killed him…he wasn’t moving.  Karalyn and I looked at each other puzzled thinking the fish was dead.  So I put the little fish in the dish in the van window in hopes it might warm up and start swimming again.  Then I dug into my purse and gave Karalyn money to go get another fish.  While Karalyn was in the store, I kept an eye on the “dead” fish.  I sat there and watched it…”come on little fishy, swim!”   Then I saw it’s little fins move.  By the time Karalyn got back he was moving around a little more.   The cold water shocked the little fish.   SO…Karalyn has two fish.  She named them Eddy and Speedy…at least that’s what she was calling them yesterday!

Moral of the story…don’t put really cold water in your fishes dish!…and don’t keep your fish in a regular bowl unless you want it to be a snack for your cat!

Eddy, the one we thought was dead

Speedy, The second fish



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2 responses to “A tale of two fish…or how we ended up with two anyway

  1. Are they going to live in different bowls, because those look like the kind of fish that will fight to the death if I’m not mistaken? 😐

  2. They are in different bowls, they are Beta fish and they do fight.

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