Happy Anniversary

Taken Christmas Eve 2011



Today is our 8th wedding Anniversary.  We have also been together 9 years ago today.

One night, tired of having people mess with my heart, I wrote out a prayer.  I asked God to send me someone who would love me for me and someone who would love not only me but my kids.  A few days later,  I was wondering around Wal-mart with kids in the basket when I saw David.  His brother introduced us about two years before.  I stopped to talk to him and the next thing I know we are making arrangements to go on a date.  So April 24, 2003 we went on our first date.  We loaded all three kids up in the van and we went to Wendy’s for dinner…we had a fun time out.

April 24, 2004 we were planning on having a celebration of life for my dad who had gone into remission from his cancer nearly a month before.  Instead, we sat in a room in a nursing home watching my dad quickly deteriorate.  My mom told David and I that if we wanted to include my dad in our wedding we needed to get a wedding thrown together quickly.  So we went home, called our pastor, got everyone dressed up and were back at the hospital at 8pm.  We got everything pulled together in 2 hours.  Our wedding was small, just my mom, dad, my three kids, the pastor, his wife and, of course David and I…and two of David’s friends Laurel and Tim.   I couldn’t help but tear up when the pastor spoke about the rooms Jesus was preparing for my dad .  I remember my mom wiping the sweat off of my dad’s brow with a cool washcloth as she whispered in his ear to keep him awake.  I remember the grin on Dad’s face when mom told him he had a new son.  Not long after my dad passed away.  It was really a very bitter sweet thing. Now a bitter sweet memory.

Love you Dad!

For our anniversary, David bought me a jewelry box.  It plays “I can only imagine” – a song that helped me through my dad’s illness and death.  The box has a frame to put a picture in, so I put my dad’s picture in it.

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