Where one door closes, another one opens

Recently, the store that I had my cards in decided to discontinue my contract so they could make room in their tiny store for “New Artists”.   I thought it was rather rude of them to do, but I really was not happy with them because they changed their consignment rates and they really didn’t listen to me.   I was pretty upset by the whole situation.

You know that saying ” Where one door closes, another one opens.”  Well, this past Saturday Karalyn kept insisting that I take her to look around in a store called Mommy and Me.  I really didn’t want to go there, but I gave in and we went there, only to find out the store was no longer in business.  As Karalyn walked back to the van, we noticed a little store I had never noticed before call “Paseo de Peralta”.  Karalyn peeked her head in the door and motioned me to come in.  The place looked like a hole in the wall from the outside.  I walked in and the store smelled so good and very welcoming.  The owner greeted us, she was very nice.  She showed us some soaps and Karalyn and I looked around a little bit.  Karalyn noticed some little coin purses in the cabinet and pointed them out to me.  The store owner pulled them out for us to look at and was showing us the little details on them.  She mentioned that some of the little purses had butterflies on them.  Then she told us she loved butterflies.  I told her that I had just finished working on some butterfly cards, I pulled my cell phone out to show her the cards I had made.  As I did that, Karalyn mentioned to her that I was looking for a store to put my cards in.  The lady gasped and told us she had been looking for cards to sell.  Karalyn and I left with smiles on our faces, knowing there was a reason she insisted on us going to that store that was closed.

Today I am taking my cards to show the  store owner.

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  1. From 😦 to 🙂 just like that. 😉

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