Somebody is playing with us, again…

We have been having some sort of activity nearly everyday, but yesterday was very eventful!

Yesterday was an eventful day.  I was preparing things for the birthday party we were going to have for my friend and Karalyn and Matthew were helping me.  As Matthew walked around the corner into the kitchen one of my musical M&M’s went off.  Matthew jumped back and looked at me.  Karalyn and I were close by when it happened and it startled all of us.  When we told David about it going off by itself, he told us he heard it go off when he got up earlier in the morning.  We figured it was either our little girl ghost playing with it or my dad, since he liked M&M’s.

Throughout the day, the kids kept coming to me…”Mommy, did you call me?”  at least three or four times .  It wasn’t me calling them.  I don’t know what they heard but the only ones in the house were Matthew, Karalyn, and I.

Later in the evening, Karalyn was playing in her room with some friends when one of the musical carousel horses played by itself.  She came out and told us, I was in the living room with friends and David.  While she was standing there telling us  about it we heard music coming from her room again, but this time no one was in her room.  The song that played was “Those were the days” which I think is kinda funny because we were having a party for my friend and all of us were  having fun.

After all of the activity we had yesterday, I am not sure who was playing with us, but somebody was very busy making their presence known.

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  1. Oh my goodness! It has been a long time and I have missed you! So glad to see you are still blogging. I think I went to your blog one time and found it was private. I was so sad. But then I saw a link in Annebella’s blogroll and it got me right here! How are you? I am back to blogging at a new Tea Room (my old URL was bought by someone else). I have often thought of all my old blog buddies even when I couldn’t bring myself to blog. I am so glad so many of them are still here! 🙂 Hugs to you!

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