Caroling Kitty Sketch


The lady who runs the Circle of Crafters site asked me if I could help her with a sketch.  She asked me if I could make a card template with three caroling cats for a Christmas card cd she is making.  I drew it up and sent it to her and then she asked me if I could draw a floppy eared puppy in a Christmas stocking.  I am planning on getting that done soon.  She is going to give me credit on the cd for the drawings and she is also sending me some card making supplies for helping her.  I have been thinking about making patterns to put in a book to sell.  Only thing is is I don’t need patterns to make the things I make because I can just cut it all out.  The patterns are in my head…but I could put them on paper to share with others.  Just not sure I am ready to share my patterns though…is that being stingy?

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  1. Hmm. The kitties are adorable. As for being stingy, of course you aren’t. You are allowed to keep your designs for yourself! But if you really wanted to sell some, then do some research first and see what types of patterns have been most popular at other sites, even for non-iris folded cards. Some people are really into a certain type of animal regardless of what type of card it is, or a specific holiday card may sell better, and some may depend on the season. Then you decide what you want to share. If you can make a little money doing something you enjoy doing anyway, then go for it. You definitely have the talent so no question there. 🙂

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