We have lived in our house for eight, almost nine years and have never painted.  Our landlady finally told us that we could paint the inside and outside of our house… any color we wanted!  So we painted Karalyn’s room Pink last weekend and this weekend we are painting Matthew’s room Blue.

Karalyn’s room


Matthew’s room

Last week Karalyn  decided she wanted to try her hand at painting on canvas, so she bought a couple of canvases.  Then she decided she didn’t want to do it.  So I decided to try.  Karalyn just turned 13 and she loves Zebra anything.  So I painted this for her yesterday.

Karalyn loves her painting!  We are going to get it framed and hang it on the wall she is standing in front of.

Karalyn gave the other canvas to Matthew for his room.  He wants me to paint him a hot air balloon on it with clouds… I am enjoying this painting thing.  New hobby?  Maybe!


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2 responses to “Painting…

  1. I love you’re painting- turned out wonderfully!

  2. The painting is awesome! Even the idea is sweet – I never would have thought to do a zebra pattern inside a heart! That is going to look great on the wall! Maybe you did find another outlet for your talent! Pretty cool! I look forward to seeing more of your painting. Oh, and that is great that they landlady is letting you paint the place – it is going to feel so nice and fresh!

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