This made me smile!

The past two weeks have been very hard.  I feel like I am up against a brick wall and just can’t break through it.  We finally got our new front door installed today.  While it is a relief to be able to lock my front door now and keep it shut, I now have the battle of getting the money for the door from the person who broke my door.  Last Sunday we were told that they were only replacing the glass, even though the entire ___________ door was broken.   Not only do I have that battle, but I have to get my sons things out of the girlfriends house.  Being his mother doesn’t seem to mean anything right now.  I have all kinds of advice or demands coming from all kinds of directions and it has just been so overwhelming for me as well as David and the kids.  Last Sunday, Andrew told me he wanted to come home.  Turns out his motives for coming home were the girlfriend and in the process of it all he made David and I feel like we have no control over anything and Andrew did everything in his power to make us look bad.  I have not spoken to Andrew in almost a week now.  I have decided that he can just stay with his dad and go to school in Albuquerque because after what happened last Sunday(Which I might write about later) I just don’t have anything to say to him.  All I have been able to do is wait…wait for the police report to come out so I can show those stupid people that the waiver I signed said that I would not press charges because the parent of the person who broke my front door was going to make restitution and pay for the window or if needed replace the door.   Why have I been waiting so long for the police report to come out?  Because the police officer that handled it went CAMPING and won’t be back until late this weekend.  UGH!  I had to ask my mom to get us a new door…so now the pressure is on to get her paid back.  I can still press charges on them, I just have to talk to the officer and I can take it to court if I have to which I don’t want to do.  I am glad I got pictures of the door.


My brother Kevin and I spent some time together today and while we were together he took some pictures of my kittens.  Teddy, the grey kitten, was very cooperative and Kevin was able to get some good shots of him.  He posted this picture on my Facebook page for me after I posted this status: ” I feel like a dog chasing my tail getting absolutely nowhere…”  So Kevin posted this…and just so you know, my niece Kevin’s daughter, calls me Auntie MeowMeow.  This made me smile.  I really needed this tonight, so thank you little brother.   I love you!

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  1. I love the kitten photo! It was so nice of your niece to think of you. Obviously she is a caring and compassionate young lady! ❤ Still keeping your family in my prayers.

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