It’s been three weeks today since all of that stuff happened with Andrew.  He hasn’t lived in our house for three weeks.  It’s quiet here.  I went yesterday morning to Valencia High school to have Andrew withdrawn so he can go to Highland High School in Albuquerque.  I also withdrew Karalyn from the middle school so she can be home schooled.  We were tired of her being picked on and she decided she wanted to try home schooling.  We are both excited to try something new.

We had the balloon release for my friend Nikole on Sunday afternoon.   There were a lot of people that came and we had a good time.



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  1. Such a beautiful way to remember a friend who left all too soon.

  2. I too, think the balloon release is amazing. Sweet send off! I’m sorry about Andrew and hope things work out for the best for your whole family. Also, you’ll have to tell me how your daughter’s homeschooling is going.

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