Home alone….

Well, home alone for a little while.  David is working at our landlady’s house today and Matthew and Karalyn are at the Bosque Farms fair.   So, what am I going to do while I am alone.  I am going to sit down at my craft desk and get caught up on some card making.  I haven’t done much  lately with everything that has gone on the past month.  I just didn’t feel like it.  Not having Andrew at home is really weird and I miss him, but at the same time I am relieved he isn’t here to cause more drama. I  have had Very mixed emotions when it comes to Andrew right now.  He has been constantly on my mind this week, I don’t know if it is because he misses me or if it is because I miss him, I just feel like I can feel him and he is not happy.  However, he made his bed and now he needs to lie in it and I am not going to give in.  I REFUSE to be treated disrespectfully!  He knows that.

So this past week I went to HOBBY LOBBY to buy some card stock.  When I walked into the store “Fall” was everywhere!  Pumpkins, scare crows, cornucopias, leaf garlands, Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins.  OH, HOW I LOVE FALL!  I can’t wait for fall this year, it’s been so hot and humid here.  I keep telling my friend I need to go vacation in Alaska in the summertime…I hear it is gorgeous there!   So, anyway… I took a few pictures of the pumpkins at the store.

So you want to see what I am working on…or have been working on …Well I guess I am going to have to post them later because my camera battery just died.  Oh, well!  Want to see some other cards I have already done??



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2 responses to “Home alone….

  1. Wow! These are all great! So many different ones! I love them all but I think I favor the frog on the lily pad just a bit. 🙂 So glad you gave yourself a trip to the Hobby Lobby. Sometimes even just window shopping at a craft store is enough inspiration. LOL.

  2. Sorry about Andrew 😦 I’ll keep y’all in my prayers!

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