Well this week my daughter was spending time with her dad and her siblings in Albuquerque, so she didn’t make anything with me this week.  Instead I had help from my kitten Teddy, who was an enormous help!

First he checked the yarn to make sure it was in good shape…

Then he grabbed it, had a quick taste when I wasn’t looking, and spit it out. ( I only know this because the string was full of Teddy’s tooth marks)

He checked my knitting to make sure I was doing it right…

He looks bugged…

so he checked inside the hat to make sure it was put together well…Peek-a-boo, Teddy!

…and then he let me finish my hat.


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2 responses to “Yarndango

  1. Hahaha! ROFL! Teddy is so adorable when INSIDE the tube of the hat! I am thinking you may have to make a special tube just for him! Looks like he definitely approves of the work you are doing! I seriously love the colors of that yarn and can totally picture it on a little one’s adorable head! 🙂

  2. Aww – I love the look on Teddy’s face as he checks you’re doing it right! Cats are both the best and worst helped when it comes to yarn. Mine is enthralled when I start balling up wool. Unfortunately she doesn’t understand that just because it moves as I wind it, that doesn’t necessarily mean I am being attacked by it and need her help with rescue manoeuvres. At least she’s amusing lol.

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