I found a pattern to make pumpkins with my knifty knitter.

So I made two right away and Karalyn started on one and gave up because the yarn she chose to work with was to hard for her to use on the smallest loom she  likes to use.  So I finished the pumpkin for her.   My husband bought me a loom that would work great for pumpkin stems, but he decided to play with it and made a 30 foot rope of yarn…he is still adding to that rope.  So, I gave up on waiting for him to finish with it and made stems for my pumpkins with pipe cleaners.

The one on the right is the one Karalyn started. It turned out to be a little bigger than mine did because I made it a little longer that the ones I made.

This is the new loom that my husband is making the rope with…

and some of the rope…

He is going to make something out of all this yarn, I have no idea what, but he has something in mind.

After I finished my pumpkins I made this little flower with my knifty knitter.  I have something in mind for this little flower for next weeks project, but I think that these little flowers would be adorable on one of my hats. 

I taught my kids how to make these and they had a blast with them…Matthew took his to his teacher this morning, I didn’t get a picture of his.  Karalyn still needs a little help with hers…Maybe that will be her project for next week.


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8 responses to “Yarndango

  1. I’d never seen a knifty knitter until I started reading your blog – they look really cool! Love the little flower, would make a really nice broach 🙂

    • Hi, I have been using the knifty knitter for a few years. They are pretty fun, especially since I can’t seem to catch on to knitting and crocheting. My kids like them too.

  2. The pumpkins are wonderful! And I have never made a flower on a knifty knitter before – I wish you could show me how it is done because I agree with you – those would make wonderful adornments for your hats! I had to laugh about your hubby taking over the smaller loom and making a long rope with it and never giving it back to you. I think you created a monster! Oh well, it sounds like everyone in the house is getting creative over there and having fun with it so that is good! I’m gonna be linking here in a few minutes – just sewing an eyeball on and taking a photo of my project first!

    • Thanks Teeni, The flowers are very easy to make, I could probably make a video and show you how. My husband finally gave the knitter back, so I can make what I want with it.

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  4. Hey Melanie! I just thought of something – your flowers could also be a yarndango project! You probably already thought of that one though. LOL. But I’m a little slow and it just occurred to me.

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