Yesterday Andrew sent me a text message complaining about not liking school.  I asked him why and he said because he wasn’t making any friends and he wasn’t getting to eat lunches.  I asked him why he wasn’t eating lunch. He told me because by the time he gets to the lunch line there is nothing to eat but bean and cheese burritos.  I asked him why he wasn’t taking lunches and he told me his brother eats ALL the food.  I told him ,”Well, you chose this!” and he came back at me and told me “Ya, and I will never give up the girlfriend.”.  I told him I didn’t say anything about her and then I told him “You made your bed, now lie in it!”   I also told him that he needed to take up his issues with school and lunches with his dad…and I haven’t heard from him since.

I am really angry with Andrew’s dad right now.  He took Andrew into his house knowing that I didn’t want Andrew to see the girlfriend, Andrew told me last week that he has been seeing her.  He told me he was tired of lying to me about seeing her.  He wanted to know what I thought of her.  I told him I had already known he was still seeing her (a mother knows) I told him I didn’t like her or her mom and dad.  I told him that what happened at his girlfriends house (Which I don’t think I have written about) was the straw that broke the camels back.  I refuse to have anymore to do with them, except that they still have not paid for our door.

I told my ex husband that I didn’t appreciate them lying to me, especially his new wife lying right to my face.  I am about ready to just let them take full custody of Andrew,  It seems my opinion on anything involving Andrew doesn’t matter and he is still showing no respect for me or David.

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