At the moment I am really trying not to catch the cold that my daughter brought home from her dad’s house last week.  She already has shared it with Matthew who has been home from school the past two days.  I was sneezing and sniffling this morning and am doing my darndest to not let it get me, but I don’t know if I will be able to resist it.  This morning I thought I would never warm up, my feet were so cold!  Maybe I need to learn to make slippers or socks now…though they wouldn’t stay on very long because I can’t stand anything on my feet.  Oh, well!


This week  I decided to use  my long knifty knitter to make a purse…I have thought about doing this for a long time and kept putting it off.  So this is my first attempt at a small purse/bag, I have only made scarves with the long knitter.  I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. My daughter likes it and she isn’t that easy to please.   Maybe, if I make a few more they would make cute gifts for my daughter’s and her friends.   Karalyn wants to try making one, so maybe she will have a project to share next week, we will see.

Karalyn modeling the purse.


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6 responses to “Yarndango-Purse

  1. These are fantastic! I had no idea you could even make a purse with a Knifty Knitter – you are really finding all kinds of projects and I love them all! Hope your kids get over their colds quick and that you don’t catch it! Nice Yarndango-ing, there, Pumpkin! 😀 I’ll be linking to this post in a few minutes. Just waiting for some fabric paint to dry.

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  3. Get well soon if you have got the cold!

    I love this – amazing what you can do on that contraption. You’re right they’d make lovely gifts, or even reusable gift bags.

  4. This is a beautiful purse! It turned out really awesome!

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