I was working on some Iris folding last night.  My mom’s birthday is just under two weeks away.  She always expects a new supply of my handmade cards.  I have her spoiled!  I also wanted to make her a little something else special.

My mom used to “Do Ceramics”.  She is an awesome artist!  She used to make a  set of kissing Dutch kids…my dad’s side of the family is Dutch, so anything she found that had anything to do with being Dutch she made it.  Anyway when I saw this iris folding  pattern with Kissing Dutch kids I thought of my mom.

I would have made a card with this pattern, but when I visited her for the first time at her new apartment she told me she would like some of my artwork to hang on the walls in the hallway by her front door.  So, I am framing this and she can hang it wherever she pleases.

I liked the picture above so much I made another one in red.  This one reminds me of my Grandma who loved the color red.

Did you notice the little braids I made for the girls? Cute huh?

While I was working on these pictures I looked up and this is what I saw…Lala watching my every move!  Love my kitty!


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  1. These are gorgeous! You’ve got such a talent 🙂
    My cat watches me like that too, sat on the TV where she can survey her kingdom from on high!

  2. Oh, these are adorable! I love the little kissing dutch kids. I remember seeing some in ceramic when I was a kid too. Your braids are the best!

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