Yarndango- Cats

I had this idea running through my head for the past few weeks to try to make a kitty cat.  So I went to work on it and this is what I came up with.

After I finished that one I had to make another one, only this time I used bead for the eyes and nose.

After I made those I had to make a white one, like my first Kitty Buffy who was white with orange tips and blue eyes.

Now all three…


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5 responses to “Yarndango- Cats

  1. You know these are so fabulous I can’t stand it! And you worked this little pattern out yourself? I can’t get over that little black one because he looks so much like my Chip, but they are all adorable and beautiful! My favorite Yarndango project yet! 🙂 Nice work, Melanie! ❤

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  3. They’re awesome! They’d make great doorstops or paperweights.

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  5. Oh, I just got your comment at my new blog and had to come back over to peek at the kitties again! LOL. I got your card in the mail yesterday and it was so sweet! I’m so glad you are having fun Yarndango-ing with me! Plus, I’d look pretty silly doing it alone! heehee. You have been coming up with great projects and I’m getting itchy to pull my knifty knitters out! Maybe next week I’ll get a chance when hubby goes back to work from vacation! Thank you so much for all the kind words and thoughts. ❤

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