My daughter finally started homeschooling this week.  Boy, she keeps me busy, but we are liking it very much!

I had one of my kids friends ask me if I could make him a pumpkin,  I told him  yes because he loves pumpkins like I do.  So will be making another pumpkin or two soon.

Last week I was making a kitty, while I was waiting for my friend to finish with an appointment.  While I was sitting there knitting a little boy, about 4 or 5, asked what I was doing, so  I told him I was making a striped cat.  He sat there and watched me and watched me and got closer and closer to me.  Pretty soon he was standing almost on top of me so I asked him if he wanted to try the knifty knitter.  He grabbed the hook and I showed him what to do.  He was so cute and excited I let him try it.  Make me kinda miss teaching art classes!  Anyway…

These little kitties are a hit with a lot of people.  I am going to take some up to the store I have my cards in and see if they want to sell them.   I made some kittens this week and a striped kitty.  I also made a black cat and a pumpkin set…they are tiny!  Oh yeah…I also got some plastic cat eyes for the big cats, not sure I like them though.  I think I like the beads better.


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4 responses to “Yarndango

  1. OMG! KITTENS!!!!!!!!!! KITTENS WITH STRIPES!!!!!!!! Too flipping adorable! I am loving these. I love the cats and pumpkins too but I’ve already squee’d about them on previous posts so this one is just for the kittens! OMG KITTENS!!!!!!!!! LOL. I love ’em, can you tell?!

  2. Oh, and just so you know, I shared a link to this post on my Mad Crochet Lab facebook page. Wonder if you will see more traffic?

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