Yarndango…Karalyn’s creations

I am still working on this weeks project so I think I may just wait to post it until next week.  I had a last minute brainstorm…so my project is taking a little longer to finish.

Karalyn surprised me this week, she made a bunny all on her own.  I am so proud of her for designing it all by herself.  She did ask me to put the eyes and nose on him though, so I helped a little.

Karalyn’s bunny

She was so proud of herself she made a little brown ball and put cat eyes on it…I helped her turn it into a spider, it was just the right size and we have it hanging by our front door as a Halloween decoration.

The last one she made looks to me like it is a cat.  She did this one completely on her own….she says it’s a black ghost, but I think it looks like a kitty.  It is also hanging in our house in front of the front window.

These are what I have been playing around with since last week, two more pumpkins that I have been to busy to stuff and the black thing is what I am working on now.


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5 responses to “Yarndango…Karalyn’s creations

  1. Haha! You already knew I loved the bunny but that spider is amazing! Oooh, sneak preview of your next project! I responded to your comment at your post and was asking if I could link to this next week since I screwed up.

  2. I love the spider – that’s probably my fave of hers so far. How great that she’s designing herself now!

  3. Those unfinished pumpkins looks like they would make pretty cool pumpkin hats. 🙂

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