My birthday was last Saturday and my husband bought me a Martha Stewart loom.  He thought I might get board with my knifty knitter looms and I might enjoy trying something new.  He also bought me a couple of skeins of gold yarn.

So this is what I made with is so far…Still getting the hang of it, but I think it’s a pretty cool contraption.  These are some squares that I wove on a square loom…And on Thursday night one of my facebook friends saw some of the pumpkins I posted on my Dutch Girl In NM -Handmade cards page.  She asked me to  make her a pumpkin hat.  I started on it and ran out of yarn! I looked at several stores and couldn’t find the yarn I needed to finish  the hat.  Lucky for me, my friend had some of the same color and I was able to finish the hat.


The hat is on it way to California as I type this…

Happy Halloween Everybody!


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4 responses to “Yarndango

  1. Ugh! I hate that moment when you realize you are going to run out of yarn for the project you are working on! So glad your friend had some to let you use! What a relief! What will you do with the woven squares? They are very cool looking! I am really going to be interested in seeing everything you make on this new loom since it is the same one I have!

  2. I love this hat! Novelty hats are a definite win this time of year. I remember a few years ago everyone seems to have cat hats, which made me very happy.

    The square loom is cool. Must be all sorts your could do combing the two even. Happy incredibly belated birthday to you too!

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