I am finally back!!!! This has been a super busy season and it doesn’t help that I have had a cold, the flu and bronchitis in the past month.   I have also been making Christmas cards to send out to all my family and friends!  Very time consuming, but I love making my cards.

I promised a friend I would make her a snowman…it took me a little bit to get it figured out, but I got it and think that he is pretty cute!


I also made my oldest son a scarf for Christmas…funds are short this year and everyone is getting hand made goodies this year.  This is my youngest son modeling the scarf…he is a crack up!005

Also have to throw this in…my cats destroyed my Christmas tree…TeddyBear thought it was his to play in, crazy cat!  Anyway, he bent all the branches on my tree.035

I threw the tree out, it was not salvageable.

My kids were upset about the tree, so I made a tree, a cat proof tree!  It is made out of 6×6 pieces of Christmas scrapbook paper that I have never used.  It is six feet nine inches tall and three feet four inches wide.


…and the cats haven’t bothered it at all!

Merry Christmas my friends!


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3 responses to “Yarndango

  1. Your snowman is more than pretty cute! He’s adorable! I’m so glad you figured it out because I think it’s fantastic! The scarf you made for your son is also very nice and looks super -toasty! Of course, you already know I love your replacement tree. Gosh, I like it better than a real tree! It’s genius! I hope you are feeling better and will get to enjoy the holidays at 100% health! Love you!

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  3. The tree is gorgeous. Considering that my kitty is eying up my baubles after ours has been up a meer half hour I can see the appeal!
    I love the snowman, the hat is a perfect finishing touch 😀
    Hope you’re feeling better and Merry Christmas to ya.

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