Crazy Life!

Wow! It has really been a while since I posted anything on here.  Life has been crazy…just plain nuts!

First I will share some of the good things going on.  This is my nephew and his sister Emma and my two kids Karalyn and Matthew.  This was taken March 5, on Matthew’s 12th Birthday.019In April I received a phone call from my oldest son’s school principal.  He told me that Andrew was in an accident.  He is lucky he only came out of the accident with a concussion.  We have to go to court for this on May 29…he got tickets for reckless driving and no license.  He is not a licensed driver, even with our warnings to him and warning from the Bosque Farms Police department he still drove the truck.  Wrecked truck (2)We have kittens again!  They are five weeks old now and just about ready to go to new homes.  They are so cute, if I could keep them I totally would! 004My dad has been in Heaven 9 years as of April 26th.  So on April 27 we had a family gathering to remember my dad at my younger brother’s house. It was fun!


My mom and my nephew Luke

My mom and my nephew Luke




My mom and Andrew

My mom and Andrew



Luke and his Uncle Karl

Luke and his Uncle Karl

Our kitty TeddyBear and his brother Oreo are One year old today!  Happy Birthday Kitties!027

I may have some really big news, but I have to wait to tell! Can’t say anything right now until it is a for sure thing!






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  1. Oh my goodness! Andrew is soooo fortunate to be alive. What a horrible accident that was. The kittens are adorable as are all the kids! I hope you will find out about your surprise news soon – I can’t stand suspense! 😀

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