Because she was bullied

I homeschooled Karalyn last year…I did it because she she was bullied by a girl that went to the middle school. She was bullied because she was friends with a girl who had a learning disability.  Both Karalyn and her friend were called obscene names and made fun of.  teachers were told about the bullying, the principal was called, Karalyn stood up to the girl, we contacted the superintendant, and even got the school security involved. The security drew up a contract for the girl to sign that said she would not bother Karalyn and her friend.  So when it came time for her to start 8th grade she begged me to homeschool her.  She did well with it, but missed interacting with her friends.

Karalyn started high school a few weeks ago. I am very proud to say she is doing well. I was worried she would have problems with kids bullying her like they did while she was in middle school. When she came home and told me she had five classes with the girl that bullied her, I asked her how she treated Karalyn. She said she laughed loudly at something she said in class and she, Karalyn just gave her the evil eye and went on with what she was doing. The girl didn’t bother her much until she told the bully that her friend would be coming to their high school. She started calling Karalyn names again and made fun of her friend. Karalyn came home pretty upset and we told her to go talk to someone in the office. She was really upset/nervous about what was going to happen the next day.

When I came home from work the following day, Karalyn was very happy.  She told me that the girl apologized to her and said she would never bully her or say anything mean to her again. She told Karalyn that she had seen a segment on the evening news that told about a girl who had been bullied. The girl in the story that was being bullied commited suicide. The girl told Karalyn that she didn’t realize what she was doing could be so harmful and that she thought Karalyn was a nice girl and she didn’t want to what happened to the other girl to happen to Karalyn.

I have heard of a lot of kids that have taken their own lives because the have had to deal with being bullied. I don’t know what station had that news story that showed that girl how hurtful her actions were, but I thank God that she finally realized what she was doing was not good. I hope many other bullies see that news story and have the same reaction as Karalyn’s new friend did.

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  1. I suspect some bullies are exhibiting that type of behavior to cover up their own insecurities and aren’t necessarily bad kids at heart. I’m so thankful that your daughter’s story and experience with being bullied ended up so well for all involved, including the bully herself. Because she saw and recognized that what she was doing was wrong, I have hope for her as well. Thanks for sharing on such a delicate subject.

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