They’re at it again…

Our ghosts have been busy again.  In April, as we were cleaning house for our anniversary dinner party David heard someone call his name.  A few minutes later the screwdriver he was using disappeared.  After searching the entire house and asking the ghost to return it, he found the screwdriver in his top dresser drawer.

A last week, David was sitting on the couch watching TV and working on some writing.  He looked up and saw the figure of the girl ghost  walking back and forth between our daughter’s bedroom and our son’s room.  He saw her do this three times and then our TV went black.  I don’t know if the girl ghost had anything to do with our TV breaking or not, but my husband thinks she caused it to go out.

A few days ago, on Monday,  I was sitting on the couch around 4pm and saw someone walk up our steps. My daughter was standing by the front door so I told her to open the door to see who was there. When she opened it there was no one there.  I have had this happen so many times I should be used to it already, but I’m not.

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