Ghost in my room…

The night before last I was lying in bed on my side and I moved just a tiny bit.  That little movement made my back crack something awful and with the crack a jolt on numbness went right to my right foot.  As the day went on, my back became really sore where it had cracked.  So when I got home I laid down on my bed my husband rubbed my lower back. Afterwards he told me to just lie there for a few minutes and relax and he left the room for a second. When he came back I was still lying in the bed, but he could not see me because of all the pillows and stuffed animals that were around me.  He said ” Oh, you already got up.”  Then he saw me on the bed. I asked him what he saw. He said he saw the silhouette of a woman standing in the bathroom doorway watching me lay in the bed.

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