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Wow…I really need to take more time to post.  I don’t even know if anyone keeps up with my blog anymore, although it would make sense if they didn’t since I don’t post much.

I was asked to make a belated graduation card for an Albuquerque High School graduate.  Their mascot is a bulldog.  I had a really hard time finding an iris folding pattern to make a bulldog…so I improvised.  I found a picture and made a paper piecing out of it.  I’m not the greatest at drawing but I am happy with the way it turned out.Melanie's stuff 091

We got a new puppy on Friday.  David and I decided a while back that we didn’t want anymore dogs because we have problems keeping them in our yard.  Andrew’s girlfriend brought over a puppy from her sister’s house and we all fell in love with the puppy.  The kids named him Gus Gus after the chubby little mouse in CinderellaMelanie's stuff 087..

Melanie's stuff 088

Our kitten, Athena, isn’t quite sure what to think of him.  She will make up to him soon, I hope and they will be best buddies.Melanie's stuff 090

I have been crocheting blankets.  I am working on three right now.  I get bored with one and work on another for a little while. I have also started making Coffee cup cozies.  Karalyn wanted one from a coffee shop in Albuquerque and I told her I could make her one. She wanted an elephant.  Now I have a number of people who want cup cozies.

Melanie's stuff 066

I started this one because I wanted to try making a granny stripe blanket.


This one started out as a scarf, but it was really long and I liked the colors so I decided to make it a blanket


This one if for our future grandson, my husbands daughter is having a boy in September.


This is One of Karalyn’s Elephant cup cozies I made for her.

Melanie's stuff 098

…and another cozy

I will post more later.

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